• Pastor Joseph Esposito

Let Jesus Be Our Guide

"My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me." John 10:27

It can be very difficult for Christians to truly follow Jesus. I know we all say we will let Jesus lead us, but at times, we want to do the leading. But when we learn to follow the Lord, we will discover that the challenges of life seem to be much easier to handle; why? Because we are not the ones leading, but we are following after Jesus.

So how do we allow the Lord Jesus to do the leading? We are to keep our hearts soft and teachable before Him. Let us not become stubborn. We are to remain in Him and Scripture says if we do that, then Jesus will remain in us.

John's Gospel 15:4a "Abide (remain) in Me, and I in you.” That is a promise from Jesus. He will abide in us as we abide in Him. When we abide in Him, this shows Him our dependence upon Jesus and as such, Jesus will be with us all the time.

When we let Jesus take control that is when our Faith will work perfectly. We must understand that our God will protect us and watch over us when we yield to Him and His written Word. There will be times when we want to "do it on our own," but when Christ is in control, we can relax and let Him work through us. Also, we must believe that God can do for us what His Word says He can do.

Next thing is to place our Trust in the Lord in all life's experiences. Know that He has the power over all aspects of life. When we completely Trust in Jesus, then we will have victory because Jesus will be the one to bring us to victory.

Last word: God has given us His promises to never leave us, to always guide us. All of God's promises work if we work on keeping them and do not get involved in things we want to do, Instead, get involved in the things God wants us to do.

When we get an understanding of the Lord's provisions, then we will realize that Faith works when we choose to let Jesus lead. Amen.

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