• Pastor Sharon Hurkens

After the Storm - the Sunshine

Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I hereby put you in charge of the entire land of Egypt.” Gen.41:41

We have had our fair share of storms as a Nation recently. Reminds me of how many personal storms you and I experience during our lifetimes. They can be intense at times. Joseph had experienced thirteen difficult years. He had been a victim of his brothers’ evil design and had been cast into a pit. From the pit, he became a slave in Potiphar’s house. Through the deceit and craft of Potiphar’s wife, he was put into prison. The list goes on and on.

These events happened when Joseph was in the bloom of young manhood. Most young men would have ended in despair, but Joseph kept on serving. He served God obediently. Through everything Joseph was learning obedience through suffering.

Eventually, Joseph saw the clouds pass away, the sunshine appeared and in the midst of everything there was even a rainbow. After humiliation came exaltation. From the darkness of the dungeon, Joseph moved suddenly to the delights of the palace.

God Himself enabled Joseph to suddenly emerge from the storm into the sunshine. Joseph’s sudden promotion was no accident. Certain factors in his life led to this moment of exaltation. All along, Joseph knew that God was in control of his life. His inner and personal life honored and pleased God.

Joseph’s faith in God plus the reality of God in his inner life were two factors that brought the sunshine into his life. In the midst of exaltation and promotion, he remained faithful to his stewardship. When God is real to us and we are faithful to Him, we need not despair. The sun will shine again. Be faithful in all you do, honor God in everything and He will sustain you. The clouds will disperse. The Storm will pass.

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