• Pastor Joe Esposito

Praise to All Mothers

1st Samuel 1:28 "So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.

In chapter one of 1st Samuel, we read about a woman named Hannah who prayed to the Lord for a son and she made a vow that she would give that son to the Lord.

Hannah's prayer was answered and she gave birth to a son named Samuel who would become a Priest and Prophet for the Lord and Israel's last Judge. As she had vowed, she gave Samuel to the Lord. Samuel sat under Eli, the priest at Shiloh.

Hannah, just like all moms, wanted only the best for her child. What could be better than to dedicate a child unto the Lord God.

Mothers are such a positive force for children. They are usually the calming voice in the family, always protecting their children. Mothers have a love for their children that is second to none.

This Mother's Day, I want to thank all of the Mom's for their love and dedication to their children.

I want to include this saying for all the Grandmothers and Mothers:

"A Mother's Hands"

A mother’s hands reach out to bless her children and reach up to praise the Lord.

A mother’s hands are always loving, often praying and always giving more than she keeps for herself.

A mother's hands may tire, but they never expire in their efforts to do good for those she loves.

A mother's hands may age, but her influence lasts forever.

Let us always praise our Mothers this day and every day. If you are blessed to still have your Mother around, call her and tell her that you love her and thank her for all of her hard work and all the prayers she prayed for you. If Mom has passed on to glory, bring a special memory to mind and feel thankful for the time spent with her.

Happy Mother's Day - to all the Mothers. Amen

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