• Pastor Joe Esposito

Suit Up

"Put on the helmet of salvation and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God." Ephesians 6:17

Chapter 6 of Ephesians lists the Spiritual armor that God has provided for us His Children.

When it comes to defeating temptations, we need only to remember that the answer is the Word of God. That is all we need, because God has given us all that we need in His Word.

The Word of God will make all the devil's plans towards us to be put to flight. The Bible will drive away any doubts that we Christians may encounter. The Word of God will drive away any fears.

The Bible is referred to as a sword and we can should use it because in the Word we will find God's strength to fight any and all Spiritual battles. But no matter the circumstances, the doubts and the many disappointments that will come to in our lives, we are God's born-again, spirit-filled Children.

So when difficult times come, suit up and show up in the power of the Lord Jesus. Use God's Word as a natural sword. Our Spiritual sword will cut right through the falsehood of sin.

As we read and study the Bible, we will learn the truth it gives us. And when we put on the battle gear that God has provided, then we will defeat the enemy of our souls.

James 4-7: "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." First submit to God, then resist the devil.

God has given us all the power to live on earth, but we are to call upon Him and ask for His help. Keep praying. Not only when things are difficult, but more importantly, when things are going well.

Pray and pray often. Be diligent in reading the Word of God and in praising the Lord. Keep praising the God who has died for us and has forgiven us of our sins. Worship the Lord who has filled us with the Holy Spirit and has given us His peace, joy, love, grace, and mercy.

This is a prayer written by an unknown author, that we can all gain victory in. "Lord, may I ever be ready for battle by learning Your Word." Amen.

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