• Pastor Jimmy Terry

The Act of Sitting

You may be saying that the title seems to contradict itself. You may even argue that sitting is not an action if it is motionless. Why not the act of running? Good question. In Psalms 23:2, we read, “He lets me rest in green meadows; He leads me beside peaceful streams…”

John 6:10 is reflective of Psalm 23 when Jesus instructs the disciples to have the people “sit down” so they may feed them. Some translations use the word recline.

This act of taking a seat shows there is a season where we exercise faith in God, not by becoming busy, but by sitting. The shepherd allows the sheep to rest while protecting them from the attack of wolves. During that time of rest, the sheep can lie down and regain strength before they journey. The people on the grassy hill were very hungry, and it would have been fatal to search for food. Fully aware of this, Jesus, the Great Shepherd, said, “have them sit.”

While in the Poconos, I took a venture for a 45-minute zip-line experience. After the pre-training session, everyone was on their own to complete the course. I remember the first phase of the zipline. After climbing up the ladder, my end goal was about 50 yards ahead and about 50 feet above the ground. Needless to say, I had some reservations about what I had to do next. Well, after some internal coaching, the person in front quitting, and extra prayer, I was up to zip. I recalled one of the key tips from the instructor. Once I hooked on to the line; the best way to cross is to sit on the platform and “scoot” up to the edge until you are off the edge. Once I did as instructed, I zipped across the sky to my destination.

The lesson was I had to sit to fly. Your destination and goals are in front of you. However, there’s a part of the journey where sitting will be your only option for God to get you from here to there. The word sit in Latin translates let it be. This week as you circle your prayers remember to surrender to God’s will and let it be.

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