Let Go Let God

March 20, 2019



Psalm 46: 1 "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."


When times of trouble or stress invade our souls, remember who our God is and what He has promised us.


There isn't a person alive who has not gone through worry, stress, and tribulations.  At times we get hit with paying bills, or the doctor has given a bad report, or someone in our family is facing a difficult situation and the list could go on.


Let it go and give it to God.  This is not to say that we bury our heads in the sand or that we forget about the circumstances, but it does mean to pray to Jesus and leave it in His hands.


Read Psalm 46 in its entirety and think about what God is telling us.  If He did it then, He can do it again.


There are things that we can do when all of life's problems land on our front door.


First from Psalm 46, the Lord is telling us that God's strength is for us Right Now!  We do not have to wait for it - God has given us a promise that He is our refuge and strength and He is right with us - a prayer away.


Don't glance over the word "refuge" because it is an important word in Scripture.  It means God is our shelter and protection from danger or stress and worry.


What is great about God's refuge and strength is that it doesn't depend on our ability.  We are weak when it comes to times of difficulties, BUT God is all powerful and He alone is our strength and protection.


1st Peter 5:7 "Casting ALL your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you."


This is just one of the many promises that God gives us in His Word.


Fear not for the Lord is with us.  Yes, we are human and we do worry and get stressed to the max - but pray to Jesus and continue to lift up the situation to Him and then listen for His voice and let God be God.


Another promise is that our Lord will not leave us - He will not abandon us when the things of this world try to bring us down.  He is there for us - "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."


Jesus is waiting for us to spend some prayerful time with Him and express our thanks to Him and give Him our Love.  It is in His hands.  Amen

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